Amanda Coleman

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This Dragonfly pendant has two small flowers attached by some very fine chain.  At the centre o..
Dainty dragonfly stud earrings available in silver or 22ct gold plate. The wing span measures 1..
These Dragonfly earrings have two small flowers attached by some very fine chain.  At the centre o..
This elegant necklace features two love birds in a heart perch.   A bunch of flowers with coral ..
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Endearing and stylish, these earrings show a pair of friendly owls waiting to adorn your ears. T..
These owls appear quiet and watching, but from the rustle of the leaves you know they are there an..
£47.00 £38.00
Inspired by exotic fruits and flowers this earring measures approximately 2.5 cm in height. It ..
This quirky piece shows a friendly gang of ravens each trying to land and have a taste of the a cl..
A single raven inspecting its favourite food of semi-precious garnet berries. Ravens can often be ..
These sweet, little rose studs are made from layers of silver, wrapped around a central semi preci..
This pendant features a hummingbird taking a little sip of nectar from the exotic bell flower. ..