About US

Hello & Welcome!

Hopefully, you are here visiting this site because, like us, you can't resist the need to treat yourself and your loved ones to shiny, pretty things! Morning Mrs Magpie has something for every magpie amongst us, or perhaps you already have something in mind which can be custom made for you.
What do we do?
Mrs Magpie and her team, work their cotton socks (and feathers!) off, 'flying' around the world to find all sorts of fabulously inspiring and beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Silver and opals have caught the Magpie's eye in recent months and these have been a main theme on the website, but look closer and you will find all sorts of hidden gems from tanzanite to emeralds. 
We are worth a bookmark (or whatever you crazy kids do out there nowadays) as new stock is continuously landing in the office, or create an account and we will happily mail you when we have new items or special offers. 
Our team!
Mrs Magpie: We rely on Mrs Magpie's beady eye to find the sparkly things. But her other eye is firmly fixed on quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness and value for money. 
Mr Magpie (aka Sam the accountant): holds the credit card until he is sure the sparkly item Mrs Magpie is crowing about is of the finest material and at the best price. 
Tracy: is the 'brains' behind the business (some might say a little bird brained at times!), trying extremely hard to ensure that Morning Mrs Magpie is run in a fair and decent way. We are constantly amazed at how rare these qualities are in a business these days and are determined not to let these basic ethics slip. 
Graeme: is our computer guy.....when it is all broke, he will flap around under the desks for a while and fix it! 
Part time fledglings: Maria, Molly and Sophie, (always with a brew on the go), take care of the day to day running of the office. 
You, our customers: Of course, we must not forget that you, our wonderful customers are a valued part of our team. We thank you for your continued enthusiasm in our products, encouragement in our service and very kind word of mouth advertising (please keep on squawking, tweeting and anything other way you think of to give us a shout!) Please remember, we always appreciate your kind emails of thanks but a review is extremely helpful to others.
Thank you for visiting and taking a minute (or few) of your time. 
Hope you have fun shopping and find something that will make you shine!